Art class for toddlers and preschoolers Ages 2-5

Art Sessions 4-5 Years Old

Join our art adventure every Wednesday morning beginning January 22 until Jun 4. We will have fun learning about primary colours, mixing paint, famous artists, and more! All while making fun, creative art.  A drop off activity, or if you prefer you can remain in the studio. However, we ask that the children create their art independantly.  A circle time of 5-7 minutes will be offered at the start of each session to explain the activity, show pictures, and discuss the process with the children. (So please come on time!) Then off to their seats to begin to use their creative side!


Art Play Group




By allowing your child the freedom to use their imagination, and experiment with the 
available supplies we offer.
There is no right or wrong. No technique, No rules…
They are encouraged to enjoy the ‘process’ of making art, and not the final product!

At this age, children are in the moment; feeling, seeing, and practicing fine motor skills and manual coordination. That’s what our process art playgroup is all about. Come spend time with your child, grandchild, or a child in your care, while being provided with all the material, space, and ease to create, get messy, and learn.

Make, create, and build memories!



4-5 Years Old

We’ll gather on the carpet and listen to a story. What did we learn? Questions are asked, communication is encouraged, and ideas are created. Off we go to the art table where we craft, paint, glue, and make a little something that ties into the story.

This is a drop off activity!  Our first session is always a meet and greet where you and your child get to know me and get comfortable in our studio.

 Join us!  New session beginning early 2019.

Crafts will be created and friendships will be made!